Shoulder Mounts
If you want a beautiful, flawless, jaw-dropping mount for your trophy animal then look no further than White Mountain Wildlife Taxidermy Studio.  Josh Jensen and his team of professionals will create just that.

White Mountain Taxidermy has helped decorate my trophy room with over a dozen incredible mounts such as elk, mule deer, coues deer, mountain lion, bobcat, antelope, and every single mount is flawless.  From shoulder mounts to pedestal mounts or european mounts to life-size mounts, I can personally guarantee that is White Mountain Taxidermy mounted it, then it is coming back as lifelike as it gets without having a heartbeat.

White Mountain Wildlife Taxidermy Studio has competitive prices, a short turn-around time, and a lot of attention to detail in thier work.  If I am going to have something mounted, I will consider no one else and I personally recommend them to every one of my clients.

Justin Erhart
Owner/Operator of Ultimate Outfitters