We have been professionally cutting wild game for 10 years.  We customize every order and make sure that every customer's harvest is individually cut and packaged and everything is clean and well-trimmed.  We won't give you anything we wouldn't eat ourselves.
Meat Processing
Through Hunter's Choice Sausage we also offer summer sausage, jerky, bratwurst, and more!  All smoked and ready to eat!

25 lb: $7.50/lb
12 lb.:$8.50/lb
5 lb.:  $9.50/lb
With Cheese:    add $1.40/lb
2016-2017 Meat Processing Price List
Cut Price includes: all bone-less cuts with steaks, roasts,
hamburger with 10% beef fat, single wrapping,
and 7 days hanging

$2.60 per pound finished product
(you are only paying for what you take home, not the whole carcass weight)

Extra Services

Tenderized Steaks or Stew Meat:$1.25/lb
Double Wrapping:$25

Breakfast Sausage:
(mild, hot, Italian or chorizo)
25 lb batch:     $45
12 lb$25

Miscellaneous Services:
Extra Hanging or
Cold Storage:  $20/day
Quartering:      $40
De-Boning:      $60

Skinning Fees:
Elk: $50
Oryx:      $40
Barbary Sheep:       $30
(skinning and caping are free with shoulder mount)

We can also cape or de-bone your animal so you can get down the road to your own taxidermist or meat processor!